Solved Using Non-HP Toner Cartridges

Problem: HP LaserJet P1102w Printer will not print with a non-HP toner cartridge in place.

You may find, as I did, that after installing a non-HP printer cartridge that the printer will not print with the new cartridge in place. It won’t present an error or any warning lights–it simply never prints. Holding down the “cancel” button on the printer will print diagnostic pages, proving that the cartridge works, but that HP is somehow intervening with the print job from the PC. This is obviously sabotage, likely motivated by HP wanting you to buy their expensive toner cartridges.  I further proved this by swapping back to an HP cartridge and immediately my queued print jobs began to print unrestricted.

Solution: Set the printer up as new with the non-HP cartridge in place

I was able to get around this problem by connecting to the printer at its IP address (found via the Diagnostic Printout–hold the “Cancel” button) and using the web interface to “reset to factory defaults” and then running the HP Driver Full Package Setup and adding the printer as if it was new, including setting up the wireless settings again. I was immediately able to print to the “new” wireless printer with the Non-HP print cartridge.

For further testing, I then removed the former (now duplicate) printer from Windows. I rebooted all devices and PCs and continued to print test pages. I also removed and reinserted the non-HP printer cartridge. Everything is working perfectly.

Possible Secondary Solution:

There are some whispers online that you can find an elusive “cartridge” setting in the HP software that can be turned to the “off” position which will solve this issue, but I was never able to find this setting and I suspect it differs between Mac and PC.  I was only able to find success by setting up the printer new, with the non-HP cartridge in place, as described above.

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