Open Letter to Apple Regarding Auto-Updates

Dear Apple,

Being unable to disable auto-update has ruined my iPhone experience. I no longer brag about your phone or recommend it to others. The moment that my iPhone breaks I plan to switch to Android if at all possible. If you want my dedication back, all I want is for you to turn off the auto-update feature. Stop filling up my free space with the iOS update. It is my phone, it is my free space, it is my bandwidth; respect it and respect my decisions. If I prefer to keep iOS 9 because I think iOS 10 is slow, ugly, and wastes pixel space, it is my choice.

Although yes, we are talking about phones here and not a life or death situation, being the human that I am I do experience feelings; specifically those of betrayal when I feel the collective members of a company are disrespecting me. I feel let down when a company I thought was wise shows a total lack of regard for feedback.

I did not pay a premium price for the most expensive iPhone with the most disk space possible to be purchased, just so you can fill it with things I don’t want. I am not alone. There are countless articles on Google complaining about the exact same thing. It is abundantly clear that Apple has made an awful decision and in response Apple’s hubris people are jumping ship.

Don’t email me unless you acknowledge this as an *issue* and Apple intends to fix it.

P.S. I will be publishing this letter publicly.

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