Install QuickBooks 2002 on Windows 10

Yes, it is possible to install Quickbooks 2002 on Windows 10 64-bit. Here is a step-by-step overview of how to do it.


  • Installation of QuickBooks 2002 succeeds, possibly with errors about fonts, and upon reboot there is an install error: “error extracting support files catastrophic failure”
  • QuickBooks opens for a tenth of a second and then closes
  • QuickBooks cannot be uninstalled. Error “error extracting support files catastrophic failure”

Installation Overview for QuickBooks 2002 on Windows 10

  1. CAUTION: Save the \Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks\Components\Downloads\ folder if applicable. It contains previously downloaded software auto-updates, if you downloaded them in the past that is. I keep a personal copy stored which I transfer between computers because I don’t believe the updates are on Intuit’s servers anymore.
  2. If you’ve already got yourself stuck with a bad install that can be uninstalled properly, use Revo Uninstaller to remove QuickBooks. Kill the running “qb*” executable(s) in the background and remove the QuickBooks folder from within \Program Files\Intuit. Reboot.
  3. OK. Now with a clean slate let’s begin the install procedure.
  4. Temporarily turn OFF User Account Control (set it to the lowest unprotected security setting). Make note of the original setting because you’ll be returning it to normal later. Reboot.
  5. Copy the QuickBooks 2002 entire installation disk to a folder on your PC.
  6. Run the installation setup.exe with WinXP SP3 compatibility and administrative privileges.
  7. Proceed with the installation by choosing CUSTOM. Change the install location from c:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\ to c:\Intuit\ .  The purpose being to choose a folder requiring less security privileges. This step might be optional with UAC turned off. Or visa versa.
  8. Once the install completes and the computer reboots (error free), set the QuickBooks executable (or shortcut) to compatibility mode WinXP SP3, to run with administrative privileges, and disable DPI scaling which may be trouble later in my experience.
  9. Test QuickBooks. Open a company file. It should be working and asking you to register with your serial registration code.
  10. Run QuickBooks auto updates from the Help menu -> About auto updates. If no files are downloaded, and you knowingly kept a copy from previous installations, restore your \Intuit\QuickBooks\Components\Downloads\ folder from a backup. Then, upon closing QuickBooks, it will notice there are updates available to be installed. Say yes and let these install.
  11. Test QuickBooks again. It should be working.
  12. Turn ON User Account Control by setting it back to its previous setting. Reboot.
  13. Test QuickBooks yet again. And it should be WORKING on WINDOWS 10. Hallelujah.
  14. Specifically for Quickbooks 2002, acquire and install the font Copperplate Gothic Light Regular, which is needed eventually but *might* be optional.
  15. The final step. Did this work for you? If you feel like giving back, donate money to me for saving you hours of frustration and preventing a new software purchase. At the time of this writing, you can also click on my “About” page and see bulleted list of ways you can help out by getting free things for yourself. Take care.

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