Things I Want When I’m Sick 1

Here’s a list of my favorite things I want when I’m sick or for treating common colds.

  1. You can shorten colds with zinc under certain circumstances. If you find zinc lozenges like these that takes 30 minutes to dissolve in your mouth and supply 12-18mg of zinc to the surrounding tissues it is clinically proven to shorten colds if you take it every 2 hours to prevent viral replication. You should also take 3mg of copper with meals while on your zinc regimine.
    Ref: Chris MasterJohn, PhD in Nutrition;
  2. For a stuffy nose, Afrin is a miracle product. I also alternate using it in one nostril every night before sleep and it increases my sleep quality even when I’m not fighting a cold.
  3. If you like to use a saline sinus rinse, pick one with with a wide nozzle that creates a seal on your nostril, not one of the skinny ones. If you can create a seal you can use the pressure to clear your sinuses out completely and be able to breathe again. Saline is soothing to your sinuses, but regular water is not, in case you were wondering.
  4. A numbing spray for a sore throat.
  5. I buy DayQuil and add ZzzQuil to it if I’m going to bed (same as NyQuil).
  6. Old school: For sore throat I also like Whiskey and Honey.  Whiskey is antibacterial, and so is Honey. Honey is so hygroscopic that is steals water for itself on a molecular level, dehydrating bacteria….to death.  P.S. It is best to think about death when you’re sick. It makes you feel better.
  7. For stomach cramps and vomiting, I wait until vomiting has occurred and then I immediately chew up 800mg of ibuprofen pain reliever tablets so that I can absorb it before I throw up again.

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  1. Reply greg p. Dec 19,2017 11:23 pm

    “It is best to think about death when you’re sick. It makes you feel better.”


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