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Justin Reinhart Portrait in Pen

Justin Reinhart portrait. Drawn in pen by MagicBeansAreReal.

“Where do I begin? Over the years I’ve been a lot of things to many people. I’ve been a software designer, a web designer, an artist, an editor, a writer, a tech writer, a software trainer, a salesperson, a proofreader, an IT manager, a meticulous quality assurance jerkface, a podcaster, a therapist and a nutritionist to many, and a damn good cook. I’ve never backed down from a challenge or a threat, even in grade school. I have a serious interest in psychology and measurable human behavior. I write this blog in my free time and I hope you enjoy it.”
– Justin


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  • Unity 3D / Game designer / Artist / Programmer
  • Programming / C# / SQL / Visual Studio
  • Web Design / PHP / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS / WordPress / Photoshop / Rails (learning)
  • Illustration / Photoshop
  • Quality Assurance / Project Management / Productivity / GTD / Agile / Defect Management
  • Software Support / Trainer / Webinar Host / IT
  • Nutrition / Paleo / Cooking
  • Proofreading (English) / Editor / Co-author
  • Podcaster / Talent / Editor / Producer

Things I Love To Use (personality)

  • Trello / Evernote / Pen & Paper / GTD
  • HipChat / Gmail
  • iPhone / Audiobooks / Music 
  • Steam
  • Airplane Mode LOL

Personal Accolades 

Below are some accolades I’ve received and was mindful enough to collect. What better place to put them than on my website where I can read them and also share them with you? I recommend you start your own collection right away.

“A one man army! … You certainly have a lot of things you want to excel at and somehow you do it.” – Michael Stamps, friend

“Well, when I’m conveying things that I learned from you, I always presented it as coming from ‘My friend who knows everything.'” – Michael Stamps, friend

“You’re kind of omniscient which is amazing. I love that about you. Like you understand what words can’t express. But you’re extremely skillful at expressing the same thing with words.” – Safiya, friend

“Because, I know that–honestly; I am not joking when I say this: You’re really so much smarter than people.” – Safiya, friend

“You’re too cool. You are a very special man. So smart, funny.” – Sidney, friend

“You are certainly not the average man.” – Jennifer, friend

“Your nerdiness makes me happy.” – Jennifer, friend

“You’re really good at taking care of people, you know!” – Brenda, friend

“I’ve said it before and I mention it again now – you have a great online persona. One of the best I’ve ever seen.” – Scott, Vice President of Technology, former employer

“Man, you are the keeper of epic songs. Wear it proud!” – Greg Pappas, friend

“I like the stuff you make because it’s excellent quality.” – Greg Pappas, friend

“I consider you one of my best friends, and you know more about me than most people do. I just wanna say thanks for being there dude. We’ve been through some rough times together.” – Robert Hamnett, friend

“You had better call Bruce Springsteen and tell him he can’t be the boss, because you already are!” – Jason, friend

“You sound like Egon.” – Lauren, friend

“Wow. You totally could have been a philosophy major” – Lauren, friend

“Your title is well-earned!” – Bob Anderson, co-worker

“You are evil” – Tony, CEO, employer

“… you always keep things flowing and working so smoothly.” – Wayne, Director of Software Development, co-worker

“Handled like the Pro you are.” – Sunny, co-worker

“Thanks you sooo much, Justin. You are my knight in shining armor!!” – Julie, another satisfied customer

“Justin rocks!”, – JP, another satisfied customer

“Justin is a wonderful person. He is very patient and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. He explained everything to me clearly and was very knowledgeable … On a scale of 1-10 I give him a 20!” – Penny, another satisfied customer

“I really appreciated your help … I was a bit upset as you could tell and you handled it very well. You were very customer-focused and it showed in how you handled yourself.” – Vada, another satisfied customer

Most interesting man in the world? Here are some of my random achievements:

I have moved across the country 3 times by car.

In order to increase my social skills, I drove for Lyft in Los Angeles part time until I achieved a perfect 5.0 driver rating. This feat requires 100 consecutive 5 star ratings and many view this as impossible, particularly in Los Angeles. I achieved it.

As part of my journey to stoicism, I shed most of my belongings and voluntarily lived as a homeless person. Seneca would be proud….or wait, he’d probably just be more stoic. Disregard. 🙂

I made the Popular page of the Whisper app with two whispers simultaneously.

July 30th 2014 – Tim Ferriss favorited one of my tweets.

Robb Wolf laughed at one of my tweets.

Finding Me Elsewhere

http://justinreinhart.com (this is where you are, silly)

Odds & Ends

Being a person of unusual intelligence is most difficult. There are things that only I know and will never forget, both good and bad. To those that have mistreated me in the past, I am not so much angry as I am sad and disappointed in you. I believe that people are good, and it is shameful that you would try to change that. And to those that have been good to me and are still with me today, my friends, many thanks are given. Thank you.

Justin out.

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